Relight Energy is the sole distributor for the Bristolite Quasar Tufflite (BQS) skylight.

We chose this skylight because of its unique ability to tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, durability, and ease of installation for African conditions.  We understand the benefits that a skylight installation can bring to your business, and we’re committed to:

Higher Optical Performance

The BQS allows a minimum of 70% natural light through, and it diffuses 100% of that light in all directions, which makes it the best performing skylight in the industry.  Our unique installation allows for a wider opening for the skylight, providing more natural light, which means you need fewer skylights.

Durable & Hail Resistant

The inner layer is Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA), which retains the required aesthetic, thermal, UV, and haze factors. A polycarbonate outer layer is also available for use in high risk hail regions with 10 times the impact strength of IMA.

Optimal Thermal Performance

Heat gain, heat loss and insulation are all key to the overall energy performance of your building. Our skylights meet and exceed all SANS specifications for roof lights, creating less heat gain, preventing more heat loss, and providing better insulation than any other skylight on the market.

Glare Elimination

The haze factor of the BQS is 100%, meaning the sun’s rays are completely scattered/diffused and produces no glare. This is achieved through the prismatic design and use of opaque materials in the skylight construction and installation.

Ideal Skylight Placement

In order to gain maximum benefit in energy savings from the use of skylights, we accurately plot the placement of each skylight to achieve the highest possible levels of light uniformity and reach in your building.

World-Class Installations

Our in-house teams of trained installers have developed a unique installation method that makes our installations the fastest and safest in the industry.  Our components are customised and modular for quick and easy assembly, and 80% of the installation is completed almost noiselessly, without cutting through the roof.

We can cut and close up to 20 holes per day, compared to the industry standard of 5, and we can schedule the installation during off-peak periods for minimal disruption.  Holes are covered immediately, improving safety and allowing continuation of trade during the final stage of waterproofing around the skylight.

To prevent fire hazards, we use state of the art cold cutting equipment with specialised titanium cutting disks and slow rotary speeds instead of the standard industry methods.