In order to make sure that we don’t limit our clients options, at Relight Energy we don’t restrict ourselves to any one specific LED supplier. We believe in supplying LED luminaires that best fit each environment and/or customer specific requirements, but we’re committed to ensuring that all our supplied LEDs meet the following criteria:


We only supply LED luminaires that meet exacting standards, utilise brand name components and have LM-79, LM-80 and TM-21 test reports as well Design Lights Consortium (DLC) approvals and CE certification.


All our luminaires have photometric files that are independently measured and verified by accredited 3rd party lighting laboratories. This is a critical requirement in the lighting design phase, as the validity of any design is a direct result of luminaire inputs.


Our range of LEDs fits all scenarios, from IP20 to IP68, even IK10 if required. We have luminaires for illuminating high racking, low bays, high bays, and more, including floods, and commercial, retail petroleum and retail specific applications.


How efficient is the lighting? Our range of LED luminaires delivers from 100lm/w for downlights up to 154lm/w for our range of performance Industrial and Retail luminaires.

Optimal Design

Every warehouse, factory, commercial and retail environment is unique. We optimise our LED design to match each individual project, even going so far as to use several different luminaire wattages with differing beam angles in one area, to ensure our customer utilises every light watt generated. With Relight Energy, no light is wasted.

Light Control

Depending on customer requirements we are able to supply all luminaires with differing scales of light control. On/Off, 1-10v dimming, DALI, bi-level switching and full wireless integration are all possible, depending on your requirements.