Skylights Are Natural Light Solutions

  • Do you understand the value of natural lighting on sales and productivity?
  • Are you looking for the best ways to reduce your reliance on the electricity grid?
  • Are you looking at a skylight solution to help reduce total energy costs for lighting and cooling?

If conflicting advice has left you in the dark, let Relight Energy evaluate your needs and install a world class skylight solution.  Effectively planned and installed skylights could even mean being able to leave your lights off all day long, and have a range of benefits.

Reduce Energy Consumption By Up To 65%

Half of a building’s energy cost can come from lighting. An effective daylighting solution (skylights and lighting control) can reduce building energy costs by as much as 65% according to a US Department of Energy study.

Increase Productivity

Studies have shown a 40% increase in productivity for lit areas with fully diffused, no-glare skylights. It is because humans are genetically predisposed to the full spectrum of light incorporated in sunlight that the more natural light there is in a work environment, the higher the human productivity.

Increased Retail Sales

Accurately designed and implemented glare-free daylighting solutions have been proven to lead to increased sales of up to 40%, according to a 2001 PG&E study  which examined the differences between artificial and natural lighting in 73 retail locations.

Health Benefits

Indoor environments with daylighting promote increased health and well-being, with as much as 25% greater mental function and memory recall – huge advantages for both staff and customers.