Our Guaranteed LED Solution

LED lighting can provide a wide range of benefits as a lighting solution, provided that the correct type and quality of LED’s are chosen.  By increasing your light levels, you can increase your sales and productivity without spending more on electricity.

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Energy Efficiency

LED technology is exceptionally efficient at converting electrical energy into illumination, making them up to 90% more efficient compared to traditional lighting.

Longer Life

LED fixtures have outstanding operational lifetimes which limit the long term costs of maintenance and replacement. They also continue to operate at high output over much longer periods, ensuring that lighting quality is maintained.

Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching

LED lighting gives instant illumination when switched on, and they’re designed to be switched on and off frequently without affecting their lifespan, or the level of light emission.

Custom Quality Specifications

LED fixtures come in a wide range of forms and optical properties to produce highly effective illumination. They’re dimmable, and come in a range of colours that gives you dynamic control of light, colour and distribution. They’re also extremely durable, and their sturdy components make them ideal for operation in low outdoor temperature settings.

It’s Green Technology

Traditional light bulbs damage their surroundings with heat and UV emissions. LED’s on the other hand produce little infrared light, almost no UV light, and contain no toxic materials making them 100% recyclable.

LED Product Range

Linear Highbay
High Temp Floodlight
Standard Floodlight