Save On Your Industrial Lighting Costs

Do you rent or own a factory, warehouse or plant and spend more than R50,000 a month on your electricity?

We can save you up to 90% on your lighting costs with our energy saving lighting solution.  We set up and supply your building lighting infrastructure, and you pay us from the savings on your electricity bill.  There are no set-up costs, and all maintenance costs are included.

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Eliminate Maintenance

Stop worrying about maintaining your lighting system.  All our solutions include free maintenance from between 5 to 10 years, depending on your plan, and we’ll take care of everything from replacement parts to inspections with our 100% replacement guarantee.

Compliant Lighting Levels

Both South African national building regulations, and occupational health and safety standards specify a minimum lighting level for various applications that businesses are required to be compliant with.  All our industrial lighting solutions comply with the national standards.

Better Productivity

Multiple studies have found a link between the lighting levels of the workplace, and employee productivity.  Insufficient light, light that’s too bright, or lights which flicker can all have a negative effect on productivity levels.  Our energy efficient lighting takes optimal light levels into account.

Increased Lighting Levels

Not only can we save you money on your electricity bill, but you don’t have to make your staff work in the dark to achieve it.  You can save on costs and increase your lighting levels at the same time with our energy efficient lights and natural lighting options.