Guaranteed Savings On Commercial Lighting Costs

If you’re a commercial building owner, or have offices bigger than 500m² and an average monthly electricity bill of R20,000 or more, we could save you up to 50% on your monthly electricity bill with our energy efficient commercial lighting solutions.

Our solutions carry no set-up costs.  Instead, you pay us from the savings you make on your electricity bill.  We set up and supply your office lighting infrastructure, guarantee all products we supply, and include a maintenance plan to make sure you’re never left in the dark.

Our energy efficient solutions let you save electricity and money at the same time, without compromising on light levels or maintenance.

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Guaranteed Performance

Reducing your energy consumption shouldn’t mean reducing your light levels. Our guaranteed replacement and maintenance plans takes care of keeping your lights on whenever you need them.

Increased Light Levels

Enjoy increased lighting levels while still reducing the cost of your lighting.  Our commercial lighting solutions guarantee you an increased level of light in your offices while lowering your electricity expenses at the same time.

Better Productivity

The level of light in office buildings has been directly linked to the level of productivity.  Increasing your light levels improves visibility. This can increase productivity among your staff, improve attention levels and reduce lethargy.  Lighting can play a significant part in how the workplace is perceived.

Healthier Staff

Not only does better light mean a more productive staff, but it can mean a healthier and happier staff as well.  Poor lighting in the workplace can lead to employee health issues like eye strain and discomfort, headaches, poor concentration and low mood.  Improve your lighting and eliminate these factors.